About Hot Figther Raul

Since I was 14 years old, I have worked out consistently and made progress in a variety of different disciplines. I have competed at a national level in kickboxing and won silver and then gold medals demonstrating my dominance both in the gym as well as in athletic competitions.

Since 2013, I have dedicated myself to building the most aesthetic physique possible.

While maintaining my interests in martial arts, I have made impressive gains and now weigh over 95kg/210lbs at 190cm/6’4” in height.

While bodybuilding, I feel it is important to remain natural and so my size is entirely natural and every flex is all down to hard work in the gym. My aim is to develop a symmetrical, aesthetic and naturally healthy body.

I offer various services to fit everyone's tastes, Huge Dominant Stud, Cocky Jock, Massive Muscle Monster, Powerful Lift and Carry but also Sexy shows ,all my fans are 100% satisfy of my services!


Aesthetic Natural Muscle Look!