Reviews of Hot Fighter Raul

from gilbert23059 [55] on 9 October 2018


very excelling video,prfect and sexy body.
cant wait for the next video

from littlelunch [3342] on 24 September 2018


What's better that one stunning man?, well two of course!

HotFighterRaul and CockyBoy are excellent guys to deal with, both handsome with perfect bodies. Put the two of them together and well, the magic was happening, these guys are clearly great friends and that synergy plays well in the brilliant custom they put together for me. We are already planning part two!
Many thanks gentlemen x

HotFighterRaul replied...
im happy to see this review after each video order:)

from littlelunch [3342] on 24 September 2018


Superb custom yet again from Raul. The most perfect handsome guy who delivers a flawless performance every time. Always a pleasure to deal with, a true gentleman giant on BestFlex!

HotFighterRaul replied...
always a pleasure to make vids for u ,u are cool

from littlelunch [3342] on 28 July 2018


Wow wow wow, Raul is a gentlemen giant who is always a joy to work with. He listens to your requests and delivers an amazing video every time ON time. He is hands down the best guy on BestFlex for both product and integrity. This handsome, perfectly formed, muscle god should be top of your list for cam shows or custom videos, your dreams will come true in his safe hands.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Always a Pleasure to make vids for you!

from ray4710 [2008] on 9 July 2018

I have had many shows with Raul and I have many of his videos, and if you want to see what a real Muscle God looks like , this is the man! His aesthetics and massive muscles will blow you away. Another thing that is so impressive about Raul is the way he flexes, always slow and deliberate so you can enjoy and admire how superior this Muscle God truly is. I cannot recommend him enough to any muscle worshiper. He is easy to deal with and extremely honest so go for it and get the show of a lifetime, he will blow you away!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Happy to read and feel the appreciation from a special fan like you.thank u and let s do it again soon as i am getting in contest shape here:)

from Laks2354 [155] on 2 July 2018


Private camshows with David

from littlelunch [3342] on 1 July 2018

I've just picked up a batch of Raul's cum videos, couldn't miss them at that price and before they went offline. He has the most perfect body, and is one of the most handsome guys on this site. It goes further that though, he is always a pleasure to deal with, and after watching these new videos I couldn't resist a custom.

Thanks for the vids looking to the custom!

HotFighterRaul replied...
hehehe,im happy to provide for my top fans anytime:)

from xtessie [6] on 22 June 2018

Awesome, one of the best hunks I met. This guy knows my favorites and I watch his videos on repeat. The only thing to know next is his Zodiac sign. I'm a Gemini, so if he's a Sagittarius, a Leo, or an Aquarius, my life is complete. Your Zodiac sign, by the way is determined by your birthday.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Pisces here,thank u very much:)

from sptwink [60] on 17 May 2018

A few days ago I finally took the step to have a short first session with him on Skype and I´ll say this. This is guy first of all, charming, respectful and honest about what he offers. And second a true muscle god, who knows his place and is ready to make your fantasies come true and allow you to worship him. Amazing

HotFighterRaul replied...
What a nice review,but u are nicer anyway:) kisses

from jack cheese [160] on 28 April 2018


Excellent show by a great dude who knows his place in the universe.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Muscle Gods place:))

from jack cheese [160] on 28 April 2018


Excellent show by a great dude who knows his place in the universe.

HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u very much,i do know my place:)

from syx007 [260] on 9 March 2018


easy and relaxing to deal with, great show, cannot wait for the next one

HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u very much !

from evan [655] on 4 March 2018



HotFighterRaul replied...

from MuscleAdmirer61 [242] on 12 February 2018


Always enjoy your videos, and nobody can know what a fantastic man you really are, on top of the body you have. Muuuaaahhh!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Only people who get in touch with me and feel my energy know that.

from MuscleAdmirer61 [242] on 12 February 2018


Love every video you make, each one being unique for different muscle groups or all of them. You are a truly incredible man (would not compare you to the hulk--you are much more beautiful).

HotFighterRaul replied...
U are so nice,im glad u can see the beauty not only the size:)

from littlelunch [3342] on 6 February 2018


Raul just gets better the more you work with him. A true professional and a gentleman.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u very much,a pleasure to make vids for u.

from littlelunch [3342] on 6 February 2018


Great little video, first go with Raul and was very impressed with his communication, delivery time and of course the video. Handsome guy with a body to die for. Nice work.

from littlelunch [3342] on 6 February 2018


Raul's custom videos just get better! He soon understands exactly what a client wants and delivers an extremely polished show in good time. If you are thinking of a custom from anybody on BestFlex he should be top of your list.

from littlelunch [3342] on 6 February 2018


My first custom from Raul and it won't be the last! He is extremely handsome and wow his body is stunning! Very easy to work with, with quick responses and fast turn around of the videos.

from djmuscleflex [12045] on 1 February 2018


I ordered 2 Custom videos from Raul and let me tell you, he executed them flawlessly. He put his personality in the videos which is awesome. His body is very flawless. He is an extremely easy individual to work with, very professional. He said in his video that he is Off season. I can only imagine what he will be like in Season. Gentlemen....You will NOT go wrong with Raul. He is an extremely nice individual to work with and his videos are truly exceptional. !!!!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Amin,thank u so much:)

from djmuscleflex [12045] on 30 January 2018


WOW. Is all that I can say. Hot Fighter Raul knows exactly how to make a muscle worship video. He draws you in and then BAM. My custom video was executed flawlessly. Raul is a rare breed and very very easy to work with. He is extremely handsome and his body is natural which makes him all the more sexy. I will be requesting a few more custom videos as Raul is the one that everybody should live up to. I wish there something more than a 5 star because it was just beyond what I had imagined. !!!!!!!!

HotFighterRaul replied...
i always do my best and i amso happy to read such nice words,i feel good ,thank u

from Nandini [5] on 28 January 2018

You are the sexiest man I have ever seen. You are such a gentlemen and you understand people's likes and dislikes. I wanna get f****d by and I wanna bite ur pecs , suck ur huge cock. I wanna spend a night with you

from ray4710 [2008] on 1 January 2018

Bought another video from Raul and I cannot recommend him enough. he is the best built man on the planet with awesome aesthetics, huge and well defined muscles and wait till you see him flex those biceps. New video "nude flexing-big cum show" is a must if you want to experience a real Alpha Male. In my opinion, he is what a real man should look like...Check out his video!

HotFighterRaul replied...
i wish everybody could see what u see

from ray4710 [2008] on 19 December 2017

I have many videos from Raul and without a doubt he is the best I have ever seen. His aesthetics are the best in the business, his BICEPS will blow you away, incredibly handsome and also responds to his customers and fans on a very professional basis. He accommodates all requests, he is easy to deal with and appreciates his loyal fans. If you want a video with aggressive and powerful flexing you must order his naked-crazy flex-oil muscles video. This will truly show you what a Muscle God looks like, he is truly a work of art!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u very much ,your opinion motivate me to get even better.

from littlelunch [3342] on 10 December 2017

Another custom that blew me away, Raul is the most attentive guy on here when it comes to customs. He quickly understood my likes and dislikes and each custom just keeps getting better and better. A true gentleman to work with who is extremely approachable and very efficient with turn around times. If you are thinking of a cam show or custom, he is the handsome muscle man to approach.

HotFighterRaul replied...
A pleasure to work with u :)

from littlelunch [3342] on 15 November 2017

I just received my new custom video from Raul. Yet again this stunning man pulled an amazing video out of the bag. He is very attentive of his clients likes and dislikes and will go to great lengths to provide a video perfect for YOU.

He is always polite and friendly to work with and turns around customs in good time. Right now I think his look is the best ever, go speak to this handsome muscle hunk and get a custom you'll love!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u very much my little friend:)have a great day !

from tactenn [490] on 4 November 2017

I have recently purchased my 100th video from Raul and let me say ... this man IS the Answer to ALL your Muscle Dreams and Fantasies.
Tall. Lean. Muscular. Vascular. Aesthetically AMAZING !!!!! Contest Champion Several times over !!!!!
His Handsome features and Warm, Welcoming smile make him VERY Approachable and He welcomes You with every show he does for you. He makes you look forward to the next show and leaves you wanting MORE !!!!!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you Spend Time watching his videos and you will come back for MORE !!!

HotFighterRaul replied...
U are a real fan,happy to know u my friend.

from Om74 [170] on 29 October 2017


You are allways the best... so beautyful and sweet

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u dear

from Bicepsman [120] on 9 October 2017

Raul is a FIVE star luxury experience. Incredible character, incredible personality, incredible body......

Definitely recommend experiencing a true muscle God of the highest caliber. Thanks for a great and magic time!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Your Welcome ,im happy to know nice people like u

from damo3933 [1685] on 7 October 2017



HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u

from dsec [106] on 11 September 2017

Hi everybody! I paid HotFighterRaul for a custom vid. That was with no doubts the best flexing experience ever! He is so muscular, so huge and in only a few days he made that video for me.
5***** for the quickness of the video making.
5***** for the best flex ever.
5***** for the best musles i have ever seen.

The photos and videos make you want to meet him live. And i really hope, one day, that this dream will become true!
Follow him, buy his pics and vids and you will see the best muscles flex ever.

HotFighterRaul replied...
wow,i am happy to read this,i usually am even faster with custom vids but now i am catched with all this competitions,but the good part its the top shape that i have ;) kisses

from musclelover79 [385] on 7 September 2017

I asked for a custom video and he didn't disappoint. The quality of the video was clear, he did want I asked. He has the body of a true muscle God. He is in perfect shape. He is genuinely a very nice guy and does anything to please you.

HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u very much for sharing ur feelings with us,kisses

from pascal01 [700] on 6 September 2017

Raul made a great customvideo for me. He is incredibly reliable and let your wishes come true. His physique, his showing skills and his face are fantastic. I have many of his videos and I will buy many!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u my friend,i'm happy i can make ur fantasy come true,contest shape here now helps alot:)

from littlelunch [3342] on 28 August 2017

I have recently had a custom video made by Raul and I am very happy with the job he did. He listened to want I wanted and made it happen onscreen, with a good quality fast turn around video.

The pictures on here say it all, he is in stunning shape, the perfect chiselled body but what the pictures don't show is that he is also extremely handsome.

Drop him a message if you want a custom to blow your mind, you won't regret it.

HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u ,i'm happy u like it,i do my best all time!

from myperfectlover [585] on 28 August 2017

Had a show with HotFighterRaul a while back and it was heaven. A little pricey but it was so worth it!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u for being honest:P,kisses ,maybe next time u get a discount for being nice;)

from victor.giraldo [5] on 16 August 2017

He is just perfect from top to bottom.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u ,and i am in COntest Shape Right NOW,come see me!

from Malte [16] on 11 August 2017

Of course the best rating for Hot Fighter Raul. You ask me why? Well, I've known him for years. I have almost every single video from The Best Flex or his website I ordered many custom videos. And I had many many camshows with Raul. Raul is truly amazing. He delivered every time best work, exactly what I wanted. His shape and physique is all over the year incredible, the best I have ever seen.
Its easy to deal with Raul. He is friendly, nice and deliver very very fast. And don'd be afraid that he doesn't show his face in public. You will be not disappointed ;) I promise you. You will make best experiences with him. Highly recommended, he is simply the best. Best rating for Hot Fighter Raul!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Im speachless my friend,very nice words,u are very nice with me.

from ray4710 [2008] on 10 July 2017

Did another show with Raul today and he is a must see. Only 2 months away from his nest competition and he already looks ready to walk on the stage. I f you like and admire a real Muscle God, this guy will blow your mind away. He is so big, so ripped and so perfectly aesthetically built you won't believe it till you see it, he is truly amazing. I believe he is one of the best posers and knows how to deliver his perfect muscular body...Highly recommended!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Hello,thank u ,im glad u like it,now im only 4 weeks out and im in better shape so u are welcome to see my new shape;)

from sfo13m [4699] on 10 July 2017

The best muscle cam guy. I have a lot of videos, and I am always amazed with Raul's well-developed, rounded muscles, pre and post contest.

The best guy to do business with: smart, kind, friendly, muscular. The total package.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Im happy u like my contest shape,well i am only 4 weeks out right now so u should check my BEST SHAPE EVER

from hypnopowerman [535] on 11 April 2017

Such a great experience communicating with Raul. He was pleasant and respectful in our back and forth messaging. He was very engaged in what I was looking for and he asked questions to clarify my expectations. Raul looks great and you can tell that he really wants to make sure that you are happy with his service. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for role play custom videos. He not only looks incredible, he's also a honest and knows what he's doing. Looking forward to more custom videos from Raul.

HotFighterRaul replied...
was a pleasure to play for u in the custom video,just wait for a new colaboration,kisses

from ray4710 [2008] on 27 March 2017

I have had several shows and have purchased most of his videos and I got to tell you that Raul always delivers and always beats expectations. He truly is a MuscleGod, I would even describe him as the "MuscleGod" of all musclegods. He is truly amazing and I highly recommend him to any muscle fan

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u very much ,it makes me happy to see my fans are so happy with my work.kisses

from oriapplepie [95] on 14 December 2016

After being a fan of Raul for years, I ordered my very first custom video where he played as a SHEILD agent with a Bond vibe XD
Raul delivered it, slayed it. My comic geek fantasy came true! The acting, playful cocky attitude, and that body! Raul is really the spy who _ _ _ _ ed me!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Hehehe,i remember i enjoyed makeing your fantasy come true.U are a nice guy,thank u and wait u for more Agent actions;)

from Walter Pazzi [585] on 17 October 2016


HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u my friend.

from Walter Pazzi [585] on 25 September 2016

HotFighterRaul has got to be the hottest muscle around. His videos are scorching, his cock is amazing soft and truly unbelievable when hard. Buying his vids was easy and quick--and setting up a cam session smooth. He delivers in EVERY WAY. He also has got a huge chest and amazing legs. He's great!

HotFighterRaul replied...

from a90 [175] on 13 September 2016

awesome guy and very friendly and pro

HotFighterRaul replied...
Happy u feel this way.

from luker81 [386] on 10 September 2016

i had with another cam show and i can confirm that is very very nice boy.....

HotFighterRaul replied...
U are nice ,thank u;)

from peckhamhorn [540] on 24 July 2016

Saw his shower vid on here. This is unreal. Hotfighterraul - always suave, and with a sexy smile - is at his absolute best, rock solid, soaped up and ready for you. Teasing, knowing exactly the right moves, and the camera getting *so* intimate you can see every pore, every hair every ripple, every twist of muscle in glorious high definition. This man knows how to put on a show.

Never ever make the mistake of thinking "Face hidden in preview? No thanks." Raul is a handsome guy with a body to die for. The whole package. Buy without hesitation. You'll be hooked for life.

HotFighterRaul replied...
A true Fan ,thank u so much and enjoy the new vids.

from Malte [16] on 9 July 2016

I had many cam shows with Hot Fighter Raul. He made many custom videos for me. I bought a lot of videos of him. And I can say Hot Fighter Raul is the best. I've never been disappointed, he does the best for me, really really good work. He know what custumers like. Amazing muscles, incredible shape and a good heart, really friendly and nice person. Thats Hot Fighter Raul. Highly recommend. Make sure and see it yourself. Hot Fighter Raul is simply the best.

HotFighterRaul replied...
wow,i am simply amazed by this nice words.i am just Happy to be able to make You my friend and other fans Happy with my "life time work" wich is my body

from bluco [55] on 5 June 2016

Never disappoints. Raul is one of a kind. He's truly amazing!

HotFighterRaul replied...
I always do my Best to make my fans happy ,and i am happy to see they appreciate me.Kisses

from luker81 [386] on 12 April 2016

serious man, very sexy and very able to do muscle master... great ass

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank you,,that's me Hot Fighter Raul;) be careful with fakes out there.Kisses

from a90 [175] on 21 February 2016

Hot fighter Raul is an excellent muscle man, as he always delivers when he says he will. He looks great on camera and works to do everything you want. If you are looking for a good cam show or custom, you should contact him.

HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u all for good coments

from a90 [175] on 19 February 2016

This guy is an excellent performer for videos and he is a true professional. Anyone looking for videos should come to him. There are too many bad ones out there. He is excellent in all ways ad you can trust he will deliver a good product.

HotFighterRaul replied...
So happy to see so many happy fans,thank u and take care:)

from peckhamhorn [540] on 14 February 2016

Awesome guy. Very friendly, wonderful vids.

HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u my dear fan

from Malte [16] on 12 December 2015

I had a wonderful cam show with Hot Fighter Raul and he made the best custom videos for me.

He is a really nice guy and very friendly. I had a great time with Hot Fighter Raul.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank you for sharing with other your opinion about me,but the truth is u are the nice guy:)

from dx4 [5] on 3 December 2015

Great show and amazing flex.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank you,i love to flex

from Om74 [170] on 4 November 2015

What a man. Wonderful, no matter where and what you look at his muscles are extremely defined, proportioned hard and strong, aesthetic and beautiful. So he is a trained and sporty man, with a very flexible and athletic body. This should not be missed. Check it out try it yourself! Besides, he is very personable and nice. I look forward to coming back with him.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u so much for your nice words,u are welcome back anytime.

from Francis [355] on 24 October 2015

This is my second time purchase, a body straight out a dream, massive and powerful tool. Raul is a muscle god, i can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! He is very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommended getting videos from him!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u so much for sharing your nice experince with me.

from ray4710 [2008] on 23 October 2015

I have several cam shows with Raul and I dare anyone to find a better built man anywhere! He is a true Muscle God and yet remains very humble, very easy to talk to. He will accamodate any requests and he is by far the best poser I have found anywhere, he know how to hold a pose just long enough for the viewer to truly admire and worhsip. i cannot recommend him enough, he is the BEST!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Wow,this is one of the best comments i ever read .Thank u my friend,u are amazing.

from MR08 [127] on 28 September 2015

He always gives good shows.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Glad u feel this way,thank u

from buckdowdy [55] on 3 September 2015

This is the absolute hottest model on the web, anywhere. There is no comparison to his beautiful body and his absolute gorgeous face to any other male model. His personality is pure gold. I absolutely love Raul.

HotFighterRaul replied...
U are so sweet,thank u for sharing ur opinion,experince with the rest of the fans:)

from leighton209 [565] on 5 August 2015

Bought a custom video from Raul, great guy to deal with, really friendly and was really quick in making the video. The video was really good, did everything I had ask for, he's in really great shape and looking good. Definitely worth getting a video from this guy.

HotFighterRaul replied...
i am glad u like it,always do my best,and the shape it's almost best ever,so i wait u all for shows:)

from stevep [182] on 28 January 2015

Just had my third show with Raul and it was AMAZING! He takes me to a higher level each time! You must do a show with this hunk to understand what a muscle show can really be! He made my dream come true today!

HotFighterRaul replied...
A pleasure to spend time with u:)

from MR08 [127] on 21 January 2015

I cammed with this one once a couple of years back. Great body, and an eager-to-please attitude that was very refreshing.

HotFighterRaul replied...
happy to meet people again after so long time.

from in2muslmen [1970] on 22 September 2014

Raul has such a hot muscle body and he LOVES showing it off for his fans! I bought his practice posing vid and then requested a private video from him where he posed in a cute skimpy bathing suit and talked to the camera the entire time instead of looking at himself on his computer off to the side. He flexed and pumped his chest, abs, and arms to bring out all kinds of striations and veins everywhere! All of this muscle popping combined with his cute accent just made me explode! ;-) I love watching him over and over!

HotFighterRaul replied...
This is from a man who knows how things work in this domain;) thank u !

from sfo13m [4699] on 8 September 2014

I have had a great experience buying private videos from Raul. A friendly (handsome and muscular) person makes buying his videos very easy :). Highly recommend him.

HotFighterRaul replied...
so nice,thank u 1

from Walter Pazzi [585] on 15 June 2014

Amazing pvt, he's body is so prfect and absolutely hot!!!! I want to see every second.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank you ,my body its not perfect yet,but i work on it:)

from xxxmanxxx [1245] on 10 June 2014

Raul is awesome, gives a great show, is totally cut and ripped. He is also a really nice guy and is fun to cam with. Highly recommended.

HotFighterRaul replied...
I can only be happy when my fans are happy:)Thank u guys

from ugbikille85 [35] on 7 June 2014

I just received a custom video from Raul. I had high hopes for it, and it was even better than I hoped. It blew me away. Raul has just competed and is in AMAZING shape. He is beautiful, sexy, has the most perfect muscles I have ever seen, and the way he flexes is extremely erotic. Contact Raul - you will not be disappointed. He is extremely nice, intelligent, and so damn beautiful.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u,waiting u for more:) kisses

from ugbikille85 [35] on 1 June 2014

This guy has an amazing body. Probably the best symmetry I have seen. Perfect pecs, amazing arms, great abs. Everything about him is perfect. And his face is gorgeous. He's intelligent, funny and nice, a true muscle god

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u so much,i love to have happy fans:)

from tomafr [60] on 30 May 2014

just had a show with him : the body is more than perfect, really nice guy and the face... gorgeous :) highly recommanded

HotFighterRaul replied...
What a nice guy,thank u ,i love to satisfy my nice fans.

from dsams87 [65] on 11 May 2014

He is phenomenal! Really nice and professional. So damn gorgeous and sexy! Would definitely recommend him!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank u very much ,u make it so easy ,u are a great person !

from mykola azarov [15] on 17 March 2014


HotFighterRaul replied...
thank u

from Alimacx [855] on 10 February 2014

Raul is simply awesome. An amazing body, handsome face and a great attitude make for an unforgettable experience. Raul's bod is truly beautiful; packed with muscle which you can tell he really loves to show off - this boy really knows how to flex!!! Head to toe (and that's some distance since he's 6'4 tall!!), he's 100% rock hard muscle with a brilliant, friendly personality. Do yourself a favour and get in touch - you won't be disappointed!

HotFighterRaul replied...
Thank U ,i wait u back soon:)

from garsbuffoon [140] on 12 November 2013

I had spend cam time with Raul twice so far. I will definitely go for another one. He has these: great personality (checked), amazing body (checked), fun show off (checked), etc.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Great fan(checked) :)

from MannyLovesTwilight66 [15] on 19 October 2013

Wanna go out on a date, you sexy boy

from FlexLover [60] on 5 August 2013

This guy is incredible. He's handsome, he's got an awesome body, and he actually likes to flex and show off. 100% recommended.

HotFighterRaul replied...
Yeah i love to flex,and its easier when the person who watch it's nice ,like u are:)

from hotshot2o [320] on 19 July 2013

Dude ur ripped just amazing

HotFighterRaul replied...

from supermuscleworship [80] on 12 March 2013

Amazing body, great fun shows!

HotFighterRaul replied...
i miss u supermuscleworship